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OMNOMNOM (Menu #2)

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Hello Few Loyal Readers! This is my menu for the week of May 29, 2023. Today, I'll try and give some more details on the dishes.

Tomato-Bulgur Pilaf: This is a personal recipe and a personal favorite to eat. I like it best cold with yogurt and feta. Originally, I was inspired to make it by a recipe in Claudia Roden's Arabesque A Taste of Morocco, Turkey, and Lebanon: A Cookbook. (She happens to be my favorite cookbook author, so check her out if you have the chance.) Bulgur itself is a grain product similar to couscous but with a different flavor and texture (Petruzello 2023). It's produced using durum wheat, which is thought to be a grain of ancient origin (Petruzello 2023). Bulgur can be found primarily in dishes across the Middle East (Petruzello 2023). In fact, if you've ever eaten Tabbouleh, you've eaten bulgur (Petruzello 2023)! I've seen and read that for Tabbouleh, fine grain bulgur is used; for my pilaf, I use a more conventional coarse grain bulgur. For a start on more details, visit:

Batbout: This bad boy shows up several times on my menu. Because I'm an addict. Batbout is a sort of Moroccan pita bread, which can be made with several different combinations of flour (Benlafquih 2021). I adapted my batbout recipe from this one: , Mine use a mix of durum flour (I guess I'm durum-dependent) and whole wheat flour. The same website is also a good starting point for reading up on batbout, and they have a variety of other recipes available. In case you were wondering, all my flours come from, an organic, local grower/miller in Illinois.

Kuku Sabzi کوکو سبزی: This is also a personal favorite. It's a Persian/Iranian dish. Imagine a herb omelette but made of 99% herbs and 1% egg. In theory, you could use any herbs, but I tend to stick to parsley and cilantro while throwing in other greens like spinach or chard. The result is an otherworldly palette

Without further ado, I unveil to you the menu of Chez Nico for the week of May 29, 2023.



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