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About Me.

My name is Nick Clarizio, and this site is my foray into blogging. A brief background on me and my interests. I graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2023 with a BS in Anthropology. "What's that?" You may be asking. Frankly, I'm never too sure. Here's how I like to describe it, though. Anthropology is the practice of taking a certain topic or theme and using it as a framework/lens for perceiving and analyzing human behavior at a small-group scale. For me, that means investigating the intersection between identity, migration, and food practices! Basically, all my research and questions boil down to: "What can we know about people - migrants in particular - through their food practices"? I kinda explore this in myself too, as I love to eat and cook. Along with eating and cooking, I enjoy speaking and writing - particularly in foreign languages. I'm fluent in French and Italian, and I'm currently learning Arabic and Spanish.

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